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08 December 2023

First single „Horns Of Thunder” out now!

Hard Rock founded in the Divine Deserts of the Metalverse!

The Heatseekers can hardly stand on their feet due to the overwhelming cult they've embraced! But that's not a problem, as most of the time, they cruise through the lands on their fiery steeds, spreading their unique POWER. The trio is a hard rock band, crazier than anyone could imagine, and more multifaceted than one would ever expect from three dwarves. 

As freedom-loving loners, each of them turned their backs on their clans in their youth to seek the rock and the freedom of the road. With their music, they aim to bring more brilliance to the world than gold ever could.

Don't expect any pretentiousness from these dwarves; here, it's all about a musical punch right in the face, just the way it should be!