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Moshi Goldbeard

Guitars & Backing-Vocals

"Moshi's first words must have been, "Just get out of here"; he could have spoken immediately after giving birth! Even though he really enjoys the time he spends with his bandmates and celebrates the music frenetically, his desire for space and independence is unmatched by any dwarf in the world.

The sea, the waves, and his surfboard are just as sacred to the dwarf as his guitar, his motorcycle, and the Heatseekers. In phases of creative song development, he also likes to indulge in the odd hallucinogenic to broaden his horizons. It is said that he has already spent several hours stark naked, talking to a baffled sea turtle that was actually just laying its eggs in the sand but could no longer escape. It is not known whether it was ultimately helpful for a song! However, there are supposedly photos of evidence, but they have not yet appeared anywhere publicly.

On guitar and in songwriting, Moshi is an unshakeable bastion of power and precision! A magical additive in his pipe tobacco gives his braided beard the ability to let off steam on the steel strings of his guitar as well. The audience is treated to a fascinating spectacle when he and his beard fire off lead and rhythm guitar in parallel on one instrument. On the microphone, Moshi can add a lot to Bull's lead vocals, and the power of his backing vocals gives the songs some extra spice in the right places."