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Bull Patricks

Bass & Horns & Lead-Vocals

Dwarves are not usually called Bull or Patricks. Somewhat crazier dwarves, who like to get carried away with decidedly questionable actions, obviously do! Somehow, nobody knows Bull's real name, apart from himself and his clan. But it doesn't matter to us "for the time being."

But why Bull? On a well-watered holiday in his youth, the dwarf and his cronies decided that the evening should not end after the official festivities. So, they got themselves some mead and beer and moved the youthful drinking session far away from the earshot of their parents to the fields. We all know how to push cows (at least the country bumpkins), and most of us have done it ourselves. But!!! The fewest have caught the pasture with the bull and have also very short legs! The rest is left to the imagination.

Patricks was the maker of his first bass guitar, and his music teacher had the quirk of frequently calling his pupils by the name of the instrument. Bull plays the booming bass in the band and also has three sound horns on a chest strap, which he uses to give the band an unmistakable sound. The highlight of his performance, however, is his brute lead vocals, during which the fans raise their hands to the sky for almost every chorus and roar along at the top of their voices!