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Lolla Goosebumps


"A real powerhouse of a woman, one might say! Lolla is a typical dwarf woman from the ground up, who is in no way inferior to the men of her species in form, strength, courage, and diligence. However, to ensure that not only men of her species perceive her as a woman but also her international audience, she decided at some point to shave off her full red beard to attract an even wider mass of admirers than just in her own camp! But, guys, watch out! Lolla takes no prisoners!

Growing up in the Southern Divine Deserts, in her family's tunnel, she had a passion for tact and precise hitting and kicking at a very early age. No other dwarf child could be compared to her clattering, clanging, clapping and all other banging noises performed to the beat like hers.

But there was another difference in Lolla's behavior. As fascinated as the young dwarf was by all the noise that made the beat, she couldn't cope with the cramped conditions, the dust, and the darkness of the tunnel - a commonality that she shared with her band members.

On stage, Lolla is pure power! Every movement and every beat is a firework in itself, and the wild fire of freedom blazes in her eyes"